It is important to keep sidewalks clear and safe for your clients and employees. At Virginia Snow and Ice, we offer sidewalk clearing to commercial accounts.


Even with very light snowfalls there is the danger of slip and falls. Based on the level of safety you desire for your facility we can help manage the liability that comes with winter weather. Parking lots, drives, and walks that are clean and safe will show your clients and employees that you care about their well-being.

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Snow removal services
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Our services include the following:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Snow Removal (Dump Trucks)
  • Snow Stacking (loaders)
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal
  • Salt & Deicing Services
  • Parking Deck Snow Removal
  • Large Lot Salting
  • Deicer Sales (Bulk & Bagged Products Wholesale only)
  • Snow Plow Service & Installation
  • On-site 24 Hour Service (mobile Repairs)
  • snow removal services
    snow removal equipment
    snow removal


Based on your needs and schedule we can help develop a winter plan to keep your staff and operations progressing as intended during the winter months. From pick-up trucks to skid-steers and even front-end loaders, we can make sure your parking lots are cleared.

At Virginia snow and ice management we've been servicing the commercial industry with our award winning services since 2007. We offer a vast array of services with-in budget and on-time.

Why choose Virginia Snow and ice?

  • Our office is fully staffed with quality personnel skilled in managing communications during a snow storm.
  • From plow trucks and front-end loaders to dedicated salt trucks, we have a in house fleet of over 30 trucks devoted to serving you.
  • As part of a landscape company, we do our best not only to provide exceptional snow removal service, but we also strive to protect your lawn and landscape throughout the winter months.
  • We keep damage to a minimum, assigning the same route to our drivers for the entire season.
  • Before the season begins, we install marker stakes to help identify the edges of the parking lot.
  • When we remove stakes at the end of the season, we check your property for any snowplow damage. And, if we find damage, we take the necessary steps to repair your lawn.


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Our equipment, facilities and qualified operators make us the professional service you can count on for your commercial snow and ice management needs.
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